Saturday, January 24, 2015

Productive day

   Well, my plans to take "great and awe inspiring" yarn photography were thwarted today by a blast of icky freezing rain and snow! Everything outside my apartment was a slushy mess and this went on for hours....
    So instead I figured that working on my new cardigan design and dyeing MORE yarn was at least a little productive and indoor-sy. There were even a few color combinations around the house that I thought would make interesting color designs for some new hand dyed skeins.
 Interesting how dried flowers, a chiaroscuro painting, a sparkly ring and some old dolls can be so motivating.


    I did finish dyeing my Superwash DK cone!! Apologies in advance for the mediocre photos, but like I said, there was no playing outside today. And normally I would wait but I'm so pleased, I just have to show off!

Superwash DK, 238 yds/ skein

   Also I have to give some credit to the cat, who did most of the math for my knitting chart today.

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