Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Getting ready to open my Etsy shop!!!!!

   So we FINALLY had a beautiful day!...well I could have done without all that melted snow infiltrating my boots, but who cares? Now I can show off some of the yarns the way they were meant to be shown! Brace yourselves, there's quite a few here:

"Grizzly"_ Alpaca Ewe- Worsted 

"Oracle"_ Alpaca Ewe- Worsted

"Vamp"_Alpaca Ewe- Worsted

"Shabby Chic"_ Alpaca Ewe- Worsted


"Caribbean Queen"_Ewetopia- DK 

"Clover"_Ewetopia- DK

"Deep Sunset"_Ewetopia- DK

"Harpy"_Ewetopia- DK

"Romance"_Ewetopia- DK

"Serene"_Ewetopia- DK

"Vamp"_Ewetopia- DK


"Blue Canary"_Ewetopia- Fingering 

"Caribou"_Ewetopia- Fingering


"Emerald City"_Ewetopia- Fingering

"Raven"_Ewetopia- Fingering

"Shabby Chic"_Ewetopia- Fingering

"Vamp"_Ewetopia- Fingering

"Vixen"_Ewetopia- Fingering

"Brick"_Ramsey- Aran

"Cobra"_Ramsey- Aran

"Daisy Duke"_Ramsey- Aran